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Meet the

Paterson Team

Erik Jacobson
Vice President
Erik serves individuals, couples, and teams with the Paterson Process. As a Vice President, Erik also provides strategic advice and input across a range of arenas at Paterson, including team culture, Guide development, and more. He lives with his wife, Melissa, and two boys in Littleton, Colorado.
Pete Richardson
Co-Founder, Chief Visionary Officer, and Master Guide
Pete has guided over 1,000 individuals and hundreds of organizations through the Paterson Process over the last 25+ years. He started guiding Otter Products through the Process when they were at $6MM, and has continued with them through their growth to a $1BN+ company, to which they attribute much of that growth to StratOp. Pete now dedicates his time to working with clients, developing guides, innovating on the process, and creating content to help many more people experience the profound impact of the Paterson Process. Pete lives with his wife Janet in Louisville, CO. They have 2 grown kids, both married, and a growing tribe of grandchildren.
DeAnza Jarrett
Vice President
DeAnza is focused on guiding our clients through the Paterson Process. Her passion is to come alongside others, coaching and encouraging them to live out the full potential of who they are created to be. As a Vice President, Dee provides strategic input across the organization, including in our content creation and marketing efforts. DeAnza lives with her husband, Mike, and their daughter in Colorado.
Kim Edmond
Creative Lead of Guide Experience
Kim applies her gifts and talents to supporting, resourcing, and equipping our in-house team and our tribe of Guides with everything they need to provide clients with a unique and premium experience. Kim, her husband Damon, and their two kids live in Castle Rock, CO.
Melissa Jacobson
Coordinator and Transcriptionist
Melissa provides exceptional service to our Clients and Guides ensuring that our strategic planning work is captured and shared in a secure and expedient way, through our Online Playbook Platform. Melissa manages our team of transcribers and oversees the entire transcription process. Melissa lives with her husband, Erik, and their two boys, in Littleton, CO.
Michael Chiarelli
Vice President
Michael is focused on guided people and teams through the Paterson Process. As a Vice President, he provides strategic guidance across the organization, specifically on our product development and our key strategic initiatives. Michael, his wife Amber, and their two girls, live in Denver, CO.
Stephen Milburn
Content Creator
Stephen serves clients with the Paterson Process, and leads in our various cohort and retreat experiences. He co-hosts our Podcast, and creates content each week to inspire, inform, and encourage our growing group of clients. Stephen and his wife Monica live with their young son in Denver, CO.
Meg Jacobson
Executive Assistant
Meg serves as Executive Assistant to Pete Richardson and the Paterson Leadership Team. She also serves as our StratOp Champion, leading key initiatives and keeping our internal StratOp aligned and progressing. Meg lives in Alexandria, MN.
Pearce Richardson
Special Projects
Pearce serves clients with the Paterson Process, and works on a variety of strategic initiatives for Paterson, including product development and training support. Pearce and his wife Kaelyn live with their 3 children in Frederick, CO.

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