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Are you looking to find your way forward?

Discover how people and teams are using the Paterson Process to make their greatest impact.

Paterson LifePlan
The Paterson Process for Individuals
LifePlan is a facilitated journey that helps you discover your unique purpose in life.

LifePlan will guide you to discover your purpose and provide you with a clear strategic plan to live it out.

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The Paterson Process for Organizations
StratOp aligns your team around strategy, operations, and impact.

Beginning with a 3-day facilitated planning process, StratOp gives you a clear strategic plan.

Meet Tom Paterson

At the heart of the Paterson Process is our founder, Tom Paterson. Collaborator with the Disney brothers. Innovator of the ATM PIN technology. Praised by Peter Drucker as the “greatest process thinker in the world.”

Learn more about his remarkable life story, then discover how his breakthrough process can help you get where you dream of going.