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What Is LifePlan?

Paterson LifePlan creates a roadmap for your life, through a facilitated journey that helps you gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the key steps to get there.

Every one of us, at one time or another, asks deep, foundational questions about identity, vocation and purpose:

Who am I? What am I called to do? What are the right next steps to get there?

Many of us try to answer those questions with personality assessments, skills inventories, and conversations with close friends and mentors. Those can be helpful starting points, but the biggest questions of life deserve an intentional, integrated process led by a master Guide.

LifePlan does just that, leveraging the power of the Paterson Process for your life. Together with your Guide, you’ll begin by discovering where you truly are and what brought you here, then move to create a visionary future that is rooted in truth and clarity about where you want to go. Finally, you’ll create an action plan with tangible next steps, designed to help you make your greatest impact.

Through LifePlan, you’ll be guided with powerful questions and accessible tools to masterfully surface insights, create clarity, and ultimately lead you to breakthrough.

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2-Day Live Facilitation

Our flagship LifePlan experience is a 2-day facilitator-guided deep dive into all of your life (personal, family, vocation, and community). Over the last 40 years, our team of Master LifePlan Guides have guided tens of thousands of people through our signature process. We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

Ready to live your LifePlan?

A Life Purpose is not simply to be discovered; it is to be lived out in every domain of life. We invite you to access these free resources to help you manage your LifePlan. We also encourage you to explore more of our LifePlan offerings below.

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LifePlan for Couples

3-Day Live Facilitation

Our LifePlan experience for Couples is a 3-day facilitator-guided process. Each person is guided through the full LifePlan process, to gain clarity on their own turning points, talents, heart, and purpose. In the Couples process; Life Purpose, Values, and Vision is then integrated, so you can move forward with shared clarity and focus, for greater impact together. There’s nothing quite like it.

Our Custom Offering for Teams

LifePlan Retreat can help your people reach new levels of impact

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LifePlan Retreat for Teams

2-Day Live Facilitation

We guide you to a shared understanding around the different talents and purposes within the team, and how these can be optimized and cultivated. We guide you to strong alignment around each person’s thinking and wiring, so that each leader is positioned to make their greatest impact. Together, we set the foundation for personal development growth plans, and help you leverage these discoveries and ensure high performance.

LifePlan will help you to:

Gain powerful insights from the themes and patterns of your life story

Discover your unique talents and how they connect with your heart

Understand what drives you and where you do your best work

Prioritize your time and energy into each of the domains of your life: personal, family, vocation, and community

Focus on what is most important in your life and move forward with confidence

LifePlan Clients

LifePlan has helped tens of thousands of people, from every arena of life.

I divide my professional life into halves; before LifePlan and after. While I was ambitious before, I was distracted and lacked focus. LifePlan helped take my shot-gun life and turn it into a laser. I’m more focused and on task than ever before. And grateful.
I did a LifePlan many years ago. I can’t recommend the Paterson process enough. It is an incredibly clarifying and telling experience for anyone at a crossroads or just looking for more purpose and meaning in their daily life.
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We believe in

The power of a great question

The unique approach of the Paterson LifePlan process is the attention we devote to getting perspective. All too often, the temptation is to move straight to planning. In the Paterson process, which has been around for 40+ years, we spend up to 70% of our time getting clear perspective across every area of your life – your backstory, your current reality, your talents, your heart, and your thinking; and across every domain of your life – personal, family, vocation, and community.  Only when you have clear perspective do we move to planning.  We don’t just guide others; all of our Paterson LifePlan Guides have themselves gone through the process and are living out their own LifePlan; we only guide others on a journey that we ourselves are on.

We will connect you with one of our team of Guides who will speak with you by phone to learn more of your story and determine the best path forward. We continually engage with our Guides to ensure their work is of the highest quality. We are deliberate in matching the right Guide with each client to create the greatest leverage of your time and investment into LifePlan. Sometimes the Guide is in the same geographic area as you, but not always; fit is more important to us than location.

All of our offerings can help you to craft a plan for your life that activates your life purpose and moves you toward your life vision. Our recommendation is always for our customized 2-day experience (3-days for Couples) facilitated in person with one of our Paterson Guides. There’s nothing quite like setting aside dedicated time to strategically pause from life to discover what’s truly unique about you and to put a plan in place for moving forward. If the full LifePlan experience is beyond your means for now, our self-guided LifePlan Launch option is purposefully crafted to help you to discover your unique creative purpose. Each LifePlan experience is designed to guide you towards increasing levels of clarity around your identity, purpose, and impact.

The LifePlan experience is an investment of time, effort, and resources, and is crafted to pay dividends throughout the rest of your life. The LifePlan process ranges in price from $6,000 to $12,000.  The cost of our LifePlan Retreat offering for teams is set once we’ve customized the approach for your team. We are honored to come alongside you in your LifePlan journey; nothing matters more to us than guiding you to make your greatest impact in life.

Learn more about how LifePlan can help you discover your purpose.

We love coming alongside people making their greatest contribution, and we're excited to talk to you. Our calls are a lot like our work — curious and creative conversations to explore where you’re at and where you want to go. Based on the perspective we glean together, we’ll talk about what next steps might serve you best.