Paterson Process

The Paterson Process

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Our Process Starts
With You

Because the Paterson Process is built on asking great questions, it’s flexible enough to surface truth in whatever form. Our Guides don’t need to be experts in your field to offer the essential clarity you need – what’s more, we don’t pretend to be.

Instead, the focus is on you. Your Guide will work with you to paint a true-to-life picture of your current reality, then guide you to clarity, discovery, and growth.

That’s the Paterson Process.

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The Paterson Way

What if you could see your way forward? Where would it take you?

The Paterson Process, refined by over 40 years of proven success, is tailor-made to help individuals and teams gain the insight they need to do just that.

Clarity and purpose are not only necessary, they’re possible, and we’re here to guide you there.

Paterson Process
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The Problem with Speed

Popular wisdom will tell you that the “best” way of moving from a problem to its solution is the shortest and fastest way. Want to get from point A to point B? Take a straight line.

This approach is speedy, but also faulty. We might misunderstand what’s causing our problem, or aim for an ineffective solution. If we do, all of our raw energy and speed will only take us off-course sooner, still far from our goals (and worse for the wear).

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Planning Requires

The Paterson Process prioritizes perspective over sheer speed, slowly building insight upon insight, to elevate our collective wisdom.

Imagine standing on the top of a mountain and looking down on the landscape below. It’s taken time to get there, but now we can see clearly in all directions.

With that kind of perspective, we can plot a course with precision and accuracy, and have confidence to know that our plan will yield the kind of results we need.

Discover how the Paterson Process can guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

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