Tom Paterson’s life impacted so many.

His Way of Surrender invited us to live open-handed and open-hearted.
His Way of Courage inspired us to live more free and more alive.
His Way of Curiosity invited us to ask better questions.

Tom’s life and work took us to fresh places of clarity, purpose, creativity, and impact. And while his life invited us into new spaces, his death also invites us to consider our own contribution and commitment to life around us.

In this time, we’ve been encouraged to pause and consider: what is this moment calling us to? We feel called and committed to celebrating Tom’s life, and setting the trajectory for our future upon his legacy. Together, we will steward and cultivate Tom’s legacy; a legacy of surrender, curiosity, and contribution.

These are values that we saw embodied in the life of Tom, and it’s exciting to explore those values and share them with the world. We believe in a future with more courage, more curiosity, and more celebration.

We invite you to share how Tom’s life and Tom’s work has impacted you. Your voice, and your stories, really matter to us.

Please share your stories of impact so we can share them with others.

As a way to invite you to share your thoughts, we've shared some questions below. If they're helpful, feel free to respond within any and all of the boxes.

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We believe in

The power of a great question