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Jeremy Baumann

Paterson LifePlan Guide

One of Jeremy’s turning points in life was when one of his lifelong friends, Craig, committed suicide just a couple weeks after both of them began their freshman year at Iowa State University. While a tragic event, it started Jeremy on a path towards engaging in people’s stories and making sure they know they matter. One of the ways he does that is through facilitating his clients through LifePlans.

Today Jeremy is a LifePlan Guide, speaker, and podcast host for “Big Shots with Jeremy Baumann and Friends”.

Known as a trusted advisor, confidant and friend, Jeremy is obsessed with the concept of living life with purpose, on purpose, and for a purpose. As Ray Liotta once said on the TV show Shades of Blue, “Without purpose we’re all just blood and bones,” Jeremy exemplifies the notion of living with purpose.

When Jeremy experienced his own LifePlan back in 2018 he discovered his purpose is to help others live out the joyful life God created for them. And that’s exactly what he does when he facilitates LifePlans.

Jeremy’s approach to facilitating LifePlans is to make it fun, engaging and joy-filled while providing his clients a thought-provoking and insightful experience.

Jeremy is a graduate of Iowa State University and holds a degree in Marketing. He lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with his wife Teresa, has a daughter Maddy and son Colby. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys playing guitar at Lutheran Church of Hope, golfing, is an avid Iowa State football and basketball fan and travels with his family.

You can learn more about Jeremy at his website:

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