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Todd Bolt

Paterson LifePlan and StratOp Guide

Todd is the founder of The Jethro Group, Todd equips churches, non-profits and corporations to find their unique purpose and develop strategies to increase contribution and impact. Todd is passionate about guiding individuals and teams through the StratOp, LifePlan, LifePlan On Demand, and LifePlan Launch processes, which results in breakthrough and clarity. Todd works with a variety of people, but is particularly focused on Senior Level Leaders.

Prior to this, he served as an Executive Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. He as the pastor for Gateway’s Church Network, where he provides StratOp facilitation, leadership development, executive coaching, and connection to all member churches, as well as, international partner ministries.

Todd holds a Business Administration degree and a Master’s degree in Church Ministries. Prior to coming on staff at Gateway Church, Todd served as the Executive Pastor in two mega-multisite churches. Over the past 30 years, Todd has served in the areas of Senior and Executive staff leadership, management and coaching, multisite campus development, strategic planning, as well as, change management. He has obtained this experience from serving church ministries, 501[c]3 non-profits, small business startups, a Fortune 500 company and the pharmaceutical industry.

Todd uses every day to advance his life mission: To help individuals, teams, and organizations climb their mountains.

Todd has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 30 years, and has two children, Tyler and Brittany.

Additional Paterson Offerings

LifePlan for Individuals or Couples

We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

StratOp for Nonprofit

The Paterson Process, StratOp has helped not-for-profits and churches, professional sports teams, and even the government of an entire country.

LifePlan within Organizations

Contact us to learn more about how LifePlans can benefit your valued employees within your organization.

StratOp for Business

StratOp is a strategic system that helps your team clarify where you are, where you’re headed, and how to get there. It’s used by organizations big and small, from billion-dollar global corporations to entrepreneurs and startups.

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We believe in

Todd’s ability to guide you well.