The Journey of Mastery

The Journey of Mastery

“I used to think there was a day I would conquer fear…and I realized pretty quickly fear is a crafty villain in my story…”

In Episode 10 of the Paterson Podcast, the final episode in Season 1, we talk with Master facilitator Pete Richardson about facing fear and the Journey Towards Mastery.

With Pete, we talk about the documentary, Somm, the impact of Tom Paterson, and the struggle we all face in the movement from “unconscious incompetence”, to “unconscious competence”.

With the release of Episode 10, we have reached the end of Season 1. Thanks to the many of you who have reached out and emailed with your feedback, praise, and encouragement. We are taking a few weeks off to work on new episodes and will be back with Season 2 this summer. We’ll look forward to seeing you then!

To listen to the show, you can search for “The Paterson Podcast” on iTunes or click one of the links below. If the show brings you great value, please share it with others.

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