StratOp is a 3-day guided process that:

1. Gives you perspective on all of the strategic, financial and operational parts of your church.

2. Helps you know where you stand.

3. Clarifies where you should go.

4. Gives you a customized plan on how to get there.


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StratOp is your strategic system, proven to help you grow an amazing church. Over the last 40 years, we have used this process to help new church plants and mega-churches grow their impact and influence.

We know that many churches are not focused around a central plan, and many leaders are concerned they’re not maximizing potential. With StratOp, your entire team will be focused on the same mission and vision, and will have a clear plan to execute.

In 3 days, your Facilitator will use 25 customized tools, to guide your team into the 6 phases of the StratOp process:


To help you execute your plan, we’ll get the key elements onto one page, your StratOp Plan On A Page.


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“Most senior pastors I know are visionaries. Our problem: we are long on vision and short on implementation. The StratOp Process bridges that gap, and as a result, here at Oak Hills we are seeing our vision become a reality. I strongly recommend it to you."

Randy Frazee
Senior Pastor, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX

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