Because with your help, and a proven process, the teams you work with will grow.


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  • Get equipped with a proven process that instantly adds to your credibility.
  • Help organizations grow sales and profits, and get them aligned around a vision.
  • The StratOp process will give you the confidence to know you’re helping every team you’re working with.
  • You’ll learn the philosophy and practice of every one of our StratOp tools, so you’ll be ready to work with clients right away.
  • You’ll get access – forever – to our excellent training videos.
  • You’ll get ongoing coaching support, to help you become a successful Facilitator.
  • You’ll get your first StratOp playbook produced by us, for free.
  • You’ll be connected with our amazing network of Facilitators.
  • Our Licensing Agreement is clear and simple.


See our Marketplace StratOp Licensing Agreement


  • The price to attend Marketplace StratOp (MSO) training is $6,500.
  • MSO Graduates are licensed to facilitate Stratop within businesses and non-profits, but not within churches.
  • If you also wish to facilitate StratOp within churches, the total cost for dual-certification is $7,500 (but you only attend one Facilitator training).
  • Please contact us with any questions.
"At Otterbox, we've used the StratOp process to grow from $10 million to over $1 billion in revenue. It is how we do business. StratOp aligns everything and everybody, across the entire business. I don't know of anything like it."
Curt Richardson
Chairman & Founder, Otterbox & Blue Ocean Ventures

About the Paterson Center Network:
Support and Continuing Education

  • Attend one of our training classes to learn the theory and practice of the StratOp process.
  • At training, you’ll get hands-on experience and be Certified to Facilitate right away.
  • We include ongoing coaching support in the price of training.
  • You’ll get continual access to our excellent training videos.
  • You’ll get great discounts on one-on-one coaching and StratOp Playbook production.
  • As you advance as a Facilitator, we’ll help you move along our “Pathway to Mastery”.


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