Client and License Fee Reporting

Thank you for the impact you’re making. The entire Paterson Tribe is so grateful for your significant contribution.

Please use the form below to enter your client information and report fees. New clients will receive accounts with your pre-work and supporting materials. Their Playbooks will be posted there as well, just a few days after your work with them.

Quick explanation of fees

Your license fee is 15% of the fee charged, for all Paterson work (including additional coaching that is predicated upon the Paterson Process). For work with a new client, the minimum StratOp fee is $499, and the minimum LifePlan fee is $299 ($448 for Couples). If this is a refresh, whereby you need updates made to a playbook, the minimum StratOp fee is $249, and the minimum LifePlan fee is $149. If you are doing additional coaching, and this doesn’t require updates to the playbook, there is no minimum for that – the fee is 15%. If you work with a client and 2 or more of these payment scenarios above apply (i.e. updates to a playbook + additional coaching), you’ll need to report each scenario separately – report the primary work first, and then towards the end of the form you’re able to report additional work. Thank You!

Enter the exact email (case-sensitive) you use to access the Online Playbook Portal.

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