The Power of Embracing Our Own Story

In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we talk with Jonathan Pool, about The Power of Embracing Our Own Story. Jonathan is a Master Facilitator of the Paterson Process, a leading strategist, and a compelling storyteller. He is also a professional engineer by training, having graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame.

You’ll find this conversation to be deeply moving and impactful. We know that, as strategic Guides, we can only guide people to the depths that we ourselves have gone; Jonathan is a remarkable example of a man who has plunged deep and is able to guide others to those same places of vulnerability and courage.

Here’s Jonathan: “Our journey is not a linear journey. It’s not just a resume.  We have ups and downs, highs and lows, that shape us significantly. We all have tension around what we do and what we are made to do.”

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