068: How Do We Lead with Integrity? — A conversation with Steve Carter

“I cannot achieve my way out of this, I can only grieve my way through this.” – Steve Carter

Hello friends, David here. On today’s episode we are joined by author, speaker and pastor Steve Carter. Steve is the author of the book This Invitational Life, creator of the Desert Sessions, and co-host of The Home Team podcast, with ESPN’s Sam Ponder and NFL player Sam Acho. Today, we explore Steve’s story, his talents, and his love for crafting communication. We also explore integrity, diving into one of the most challenging experiences that I’ve ever seen a leader walk through; Steve walked that path with great courage and great integrity.

Steve was kind enough to share some of his story with us, recalling: “As one of my mentors in high school would tell me ‘I don’t care how talented you are. It doesn’t matter how gifted you are. The only thing that matters is your integrity. It all rests on your integrity. It will take seconds and minutes and hours and days and weeks and months and seasons and years and it’s the only thing that can be gone in seconds…so just don’t let it be you.’ ”

Listen in to hear more.

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