065: Ellen Agler, CEO of the End Fund, on Ending Neglect and Suffering

Today we have the privilege of hearing from Ellen Agler. Ellen serves as the CEO of the END Fund, working to see an end to the suffering caused by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) that affect over 1 billion people world wide.

Most of us have probably never heard of Neglected Tropical Diseases; and yet it is a massive issue affecting over a billion people around the world. As Ellen states, “To me the question is ‘What can we modify? Where can we have a nudge or a convening? What small policy can we change before we work on the big policy?”

In reflecting on some of the cultural and structural barriers this movement has faced, Ellen notes: “What’s behind structural challenge or opposition? Usually it’s people and individual decisions and a mindset that can potentially be changed. I’ve found this to be a battle that’s one person and one conversation at a time.”

The END Fund is known for their leadership in the philanthropic world. “In philanthropy – as activist philanthropists- we have to remember our assets. Money is one asset but so is your voice, your connections, your convening power and your ability to network on behalf of something.”

Listen in to hear more of Ellen’s journey, her thoughts on strategy, investment, and impact and what it will take to see an end to NTDs in our lifetime.

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