Find resources to put your plan to work and make your vision real.

“The world will be more free and more alive, as we discover the unique purpose of our lives.”

- Tom Paterson


These video conversations are crafted to help you actively manage your LifePlan and to go deeper. If you'd prefer to listen in, the content is also available on the Paterson Podcast, beginning at episode 92.

Your Talents

Your unique gifts and abilities applied to make your greatest contribution.

Your Life Circle

We share how to engage your LifePlan Partner, Mentors, Friends, and Proteges and stay accountable.

Your Heart

How do you stay connected to the noble side of your heart? Where and how do you make your greatest impact?

Your Life Dashboard

Reviewing your Vital Signs, Pathway and Risks to ensure you are on course to achieve your life vision.

Your Replenishment

How to keep your Replenishment cycle active and updated to ensure you are fueled for your purpose.

Your Life Initiatives

How to stay on track, update, and renew What's Important Now while celebrating your progress.


Replenishment Cycle

Having gained clarity on your own Replenishers, we encourage you to work through the exercise with your spouse, a close friend, or a family member, and then create a strategy for how to make space for both of you to live replenished.

Thinking Wavelength

Having gained clarity on your own sweet spot, we encourage you to invite family members or co-workers to take the online test, and then discuss it with them. This conversation (CLICK HERE) can help with that.

How can we help?

We love coming alongside teams doing work that matters, and we're excited to talk to you. Our calls are a lot like our work — curious and creative conversations to explore where you’re at and where you want to go. Based on the perspective we glean together, we’ll talk about what next steps might serve you best.

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