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Welcome to LifePlan Launch®

Discover your unique talents, heart, and purpose to make an impact in your world.

LifePlan Launch® will help you build an action plan with tangible next steps designed to help you make your greatest impact.

  • Discover who you are and what got you here.
  • 10+ hours of online content will guide you to develop a holistic and strategic plan for your life.
  • Build an action plan with tangible next steps designed to help you make your greatest impact.

Access the core tools you need in LifePlan Launch® today.


Through 10 hours of online content, this self-paced online process will guide you to develop an holistic and strategic plan for your life. Access the tools anytime, anywhere.


 Create a visionary future that is rooted in truth and clarity. You will build an action plan with tangible next steps designed to help you make your greatest impact.


For 40+ years, the Paterson LifePlan process has helped thousands of people find clarity and purpose in every life domain. Access the core tools you need in LifePlan Launch.

What is a LifePlan?

LifePlan is a roadmap for your life.

Every one of us, at one time or another, asks deep, foundational questions about identity, vocation and purpose:

Who am I?
What am I called to do?
What are the right next steps to get there?

Many of us try to answer those questions with personality assessments, skills inventories, and conversations with close friends and mentors. Those can be helpful starting points, but the biggest questions of life deserve an intentional and integrated process.

The Paterson LifePlan process is facilitated in-person with a Master Guide, over 2-3 days. However, this option isn’t right for everyone.

That’s why LifePlan Launch was developed — to help many more people access LifePlan and find clarity in life. While still leveraging the tools and power of the Paterson Process, by taking the process online, the cost to you is greatly reduced.

If you have any questions, please connect with us using the form below.

I absolutely loved the LifePlan Launch process. The process helped me connect things in my past, with values I have and where I’d like to go in my future, along with where I thrive naturally. I’ve already recommended it to several friends to help them gain clarity and take steps to create the life that they want. For me, LifePlan came at a time that I just needed any and all direction. I feel confident in my path forward due to the LifePlan process.
Rebekah C.
NonProfit Leader
LifePlan Launch was such a great experience. Not only was it simple to use, but it was incredibly impactful. I was able to define what makes me unique. LifePlan Launch gave me clarity on where and what I should be putting my energy towards.
Jeremy W.
Creative Director

Start living out your purpose in every area of life

LifePlan Understand

Understand what drives you and where you do your best work

LifePlan Prioritize

Prioritize your time and energy into each of the life domains: personal, family, vocation, and community

LifePlan Focus

Focus on what is most important in your life and move forward with confidence

LifePlan Gain

Gain powerful insights from the themes and patterns of your life story

Discover your unique talents and how they connect with your heart

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Through our Buy One, Give One campaign, every purchase of LifePlan Launch means we will send our partners a free copy to give to a survivor of human trafficking. Join us in bringing these heart and talents to the world in profoundly beautiful ways.

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Get the FREE Thinking Wavelength Tool.

This core Paterson Process tool is used in both LifePlan and StratOp. Experience the power of the tool for yourself by trying this version from our LifePlan Launch offering.