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Landon Lynch

Paterson LifePlan Guide

Landon Lynch is the founder of PresentPoint Consulting. He is passionate about working with upper level management and executives to build effective teams that can then create healthy organizations. His work is a blend of interactive workshops, strategy sessions around specific organizational challenges and opportunities, and individual coaching with key stakeholders.

It was Landon’s own LifePlan that instigated the process that PresentPoint was born out of, and now a LifePlan constitutes the first two days of any individual coaching engagement. One coaching client said, “In twelve months of coaching that my company sponsored in the past I don’t think we got as far toward creating steps forward in my life and career as we did in two days of my LifePlan. I don’t know why people would coach with someone who didn’t understand their LifePlan.”

One of the few CO natives you’ll encounter in Denver anymore, Landon intends to base out of the Denver area with his wife, daughter and dogs as long as he’s able. Most of his passions (backpacking, fly fishing, hunting, skiing, trail-running…) are only about an hour away, and he frequently takes clients and first-timers to experience the mountains as a part of the larger work they’re doing together.

Landon has a BA and MA in Communication, focusing on the sociological and psychological aspects of communication that align and grow teams and individuals. Certified as a Paterson Guide, and trained in Myers-Briggs and DiSC personality indicators, he brings over 15 years of experience listening to, synthesizing, creating and empowering meaningful growth plans for organizations and people of all varieties of backgrounds.

Additional Paterson Offerings

LifePlan for Individuals or Couples

We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

LifePlan within Organizations

Contact us to learn more about how LifePlans can benefit your valued employees within your organization.

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LifePlan OnDemand with Landon

Allowing you access to the power of the Paterson Process from anywhere, and at any time, LifePlan OnDemand is a self-guided process that uses many of the essential tools of the full, 2-day experience. A series of 33 videos and a beautiful, linen-bound workbook will guide you step-by-step. When you’re ready, your process will conclude with a 90-minute call with a Paterson-Certified Facilitator. You’ll gain helpful insight about who you are and how you can make your greatest impact.

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We believe in

Landon’s ability to guide you well.

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