Paterson Heritage
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We’re delighted you’re here

Our training and certification pathway is designed to help you discover your unique creative purpose, equip you with the Paterson Process, and then release you to guide people and teams to clarity, focus, and possibility. Your impact really matters, and inspires us each and every day.

Over many years, our training and certification pathway has equipped hundreds of Guides with the Paterson Process. These Guides have been equipped and released to guide organizations to growth and success with StratOp; and to guide individuals to purpose and impact with LifePlan. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone gain the clarity and focus they’ve been longing for, or seeing a team’s vision opened up to all of the possibility in front of them.

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We’re excited to get to know you

Maybe you’ve experienced the Paterson process first-hand, or perhaps others have directed you this way. However you got here, we’re honored by the prospect of coming alongside.

Something within you is awakened — a curiosity and a commitment to guide others to excavate truth, celebrate unique discoveries, and paint a picture of what could be. Perhaps you’ve been doing this kind of work all along; it’s always been a part of who you are at your core, and you’re exploring how the Paterson Process might help you to help many more people, leading to even greater impact. If this work is where your purpose comes alive, we can’t wait to get started.

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The Vision Ahead

Together, we will continue creating a portfolio of contribution, filled with stories, memories, and sub-plots that turn out to be instrumental in reconciling marriages, restoring families, turning organizations towards healthy investments in culture, and strengthening the hearts of leaders.

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Your training pathway

The Paterson training path is designed to help you to discover your unique giftedness and decipher your sense of calling towards this work. If it aligns with who you are, and the contribution you feel called to make, we would be excited and honored to come alongside.

The pathway to becoming a Paterson Guide doesn’t begin with a lengthy application. Rather, we invite you to take part in a relational journey of self-discovery to determine if this work is right for you; we begin with you being guided through your own LifePlan by a Paterson team member. 

If you are interested in learning more about the next steps in the training process, please complete the form below so we might learn a little more about you and your interest. We’ll be back in touch soon, after we receive your form.

We would love to connect with you

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