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Welcome to Paterson

Guiding you from where you are

to where you want to be

What if you could see your way forward? Where would it take you?

The Paterson Process, refined by over 40 years of proven success, is tailor-made to help individuals and teams gain the insight they need to make their greatest contribution. Clarity and purpose are not only necessary, they’re possible, and we’re here to guide you there.

We are strategic guides, whose first and most essential tool is the right question at the right time. Expertly trained with a foundation in the Socratic method, our Guides are masters of their craft. Our Guides don’t need to be experts in your field to offer the essential clarity you need – what’s more, we don’t pretend to be.

Instead, the focus is on you. We work with you to paint a true-to-life picture of your current reality, then guide you to clarity, discovery, and growth.

That’s the Paterson Process. We look forward to serving you.

Our Expertise

StratOp for Nonprofit

The Paterson Process, StratOp has helped not-for-profits and churches, professional sports teams, and even the government of an entire country.

LifePlan for Individuals or Couples

We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

StratOp for Business

StratOp is a strategic system that helps your team clarify where you are, where you’re headed, and how to get there. It’s used by organizations big and small, from billion-dollar global corporations to entrepreneurs and startups.

LifePlan within Organizations

Contact us to learn more about how LifePlans can benefit your valued employees within your organization.

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