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DeAnza Jarrett

Paterson LifePlan Guide

DeAnza is an exceptional Guide of the Paterson Process and specializes in LifePlan. DeAnza is a People Optimizer, her passion is to come alongside women, coaching and encouraging them to live out the full potential of who they are created to be.  We love the way that DeAnza has activated and is living her own LifePlan. She is spectacular at revealing the strengths and talents of others  so they can live life to the full.

In addition to DeAnza’s LifePlan work, her contribution to Paterson includes helping us guide, collect, and design content and ideas to help us engage with our audience and grow our impact. Additionally, she helps to communicate the external voice of the customer to engage current and future clients to bring the Paterson processes to life on a global scale.

You can learn more about DeAnza at her website:

Additional LifePlan Offerings

LifePlan for Individuals or Couples

We use proven tools and questions to lead you to clear perspective, the discovery of truth, and then create a plan and map to move towards your desired future vision.

LifePlan within Organizations

Contact us to learn more about how LifePlans can benefit your valued employees within your organization.

DeAnza’s Raving Fans

I have achieved more than I anticipated since my LifePlan, both professionally and personally, and am proud of progress I have made since my time with DeAnza. I know that without going through my LifePlan, I would be at my one of my lowest points with little idea of what my next step would be. But, because of my LifePlan, I have clarity with who I am, what I am made to do and have steps for accomplish my goals while leaving a worthwhile legacy.


At the end of our time together, my balance and purpose came to the forefront.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but the LifePlan was an impetus that set into motion a series of transformations in my life. Some hopes came to fruition only months after our meeting. Other goals that I formerly thought were unrealistic to consider came to pass later.


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We believe in

DeAnza’s ability to guide you well.