StratOp Champion Training


Activate Your StratOp

Champion training is a deep dive into the management phase of StratOp and equips you to make the process come alive within your organization.

Champion Training Overview

Overview: StratOp Champion training is a deep dive into the best practices of managing a StratOp on an ongoing basis within an organization.   The goal is to enable an organization that has adopted StratOp as their strategic system, to embed this process deeply, to manage it well, and to make it come alive, so that the organization flourishes. Champion Training is delivered online, through a series of crafted videos and an online playbook, that gives you step-by-step instructions for installing the StratOp system. This content is paired with cohort coaching calls with a Master-level StratOp Champion, to address your specific needs and gain insights from others in the field.

Audience: This training is crafted for individuals who are tasked with the responsibility of managing – of championing – the implementation of the StratOp Process within their organization. Whether they are new to this role within their organization or are seasoned and experienced, this StratOp Champion training will provide key insights on how to leverage StratOp as a strategic, operational, and financial management system within their organization. The StratOp Champion is not facilitating the StratOp Process (that is the work of the StratOp Guide) but they are working alongside the StratOp Guide to install the process with excellence.

Investment: The investment for Champion training is $2,950, which includes 12 online videos, a 70-page StratOp Champion playbook, an individual coaching session with a Master-level Champion, and a cohort call with other Champions, hosted by Paterson. For groups of 2 from the same organization at the same class, we provide a 5% discount to both applicants; for groups of 3 or more from the same organization at the same class, we provide a 10% discount to all applicants. 

Registration Deadline: Ongoing

Who is champion training for?

Champion training is designed to help current clients of the StratOp process get the most out of their investment in StratOp.

Does Champion training certify me to offer facilitate StratOp for my or other organizations?

No, Champion Training is not StratOp Guide certification. Champions will be provided with the necessary training to manage their own StratOp in partnership with their StratOp Guide but not to facilitate the StratOp process.

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