The Journey of Mastery

“I used to think there was a day I would conquer fear…and I realized pretty quickly fear is a crafty villain in my story…” In Episode 10 of the Paterson Podcast, the final episode in Season 1, we talk with Master facilitator Pete Richardson about facing fear and the Journey Towards Mastery. With Pete, we talk about the … Continued

The Power of Embracing Our Own Story

In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we talk with Jonathan Pool, about The Power of Embracing Our Own Story. Jonathan is a Master Facilitator of the Paterson Process, a leading strategist, and a compelling storyteller. He is also a professional engineer by training, having graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame. You’ll find this … Continued

Befriending Brokenness and Navigating Shame

In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we talk with Laura Brasov, Master LifePlan Facilitator, about Befriending Brokenness and Navigating Shame. It’s a beautiful and powerful conversation. How do we engage in the brokenness and shame of our own story with gentleness, grace, and courage?  Laura shares her wisdom on growing in self-awareness, deeper self-acceptance, and … Continued

What Is It That We Really Long For?

We have a superb episode for you this week, as we connect with Jeff Lucas – Author, Pastor, Comedian, and LifePlan Facilitator. Here’s Jeff, in his own words: “The world is not being changed by people of bionic, consistent, unshakeable faith.  It is being changed by blundering fools, like me, like you…who are believing and … Continued

Building a Breakthrough Business

“The Paterson Process is what got us to a billion dollars. It’s how we do it, it’s a part of our DNA. It got us to where we are and will get us to where we are going next.” In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we talk with Curt Richardson, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of … Continued

Living From Your Strengths

In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we explore how we can live out of our strengths, instead of our weaknesses. We discover the power of affirmation and the physiological impact that living in our strengths has on us. Plus, we get some tips and tools on how to help ourselves – and how to help others … Continued

What Are My Core Values?

  In this week’s episode of the Paterson Podcast, we address the question: why is it so important to identify our own core values? And if we know what they are, how do we then go about living by them? Laura Brasov (Master LifePlan Facilitator) shares how core values have helped guide her life and talks about a … Continued

What Happens When Our Strategic Plans Come to Life?

In the latest episode of the Paterson Podcast, we explore how great strategy changes lives. We welcome Jason Yakelis, SVP at Cure International – an amazing non-profit that is transforming the lives of millions of children around the world. Jason shares some powerful and beautiful stories on the impact of Cure’s work, and he talks in detail about … Continued

How do we discover what we are really made for?

Episode Two of the Paterson Podcast is now live! We answer the question, “How do we discover what we’re really made for?” David Mitchell interviews Master Facilitator Laura Brasov. “In any vocational position,” says Laura, “if our hearts aren’t fully activated, it doesn’t matter what money we make. If our talents aren’t fully employed, our heart is dead, and we … Continued

Navigating Life’s Journey

We’re excited to share with you the first episode of the Paterson Podcast! In Episode 1,  David Mitchell interviews Master Facilitator Pete Richardson on navigating the journey to live life’s purpose. We dive into some Paterson LifePlan tools, hear a bit of Pete’s own story, and explore some of the history behind the LifePlan process. We … Continued