Tom Paterson

Tom Paterson, the founder of StratOp and LifePlan is a master strategic thinker. Tom’s accomplishments are too many to number, but a few of the highlights include holding the first patent on the ATM pin technology, developing the world’s first lightweight camcorder, working with the Disney brothers to design and engineer space mountain, and being commissioned by Ronald Reagan to open up the Chinese economy. Tom had an incredibly successful career with IBM, RCA, and others, before launching his own consulting business. Through that work, Tom developed the StratOp process for organizations, and later the LifePlan process for individuals. It was because of that work that Peter Drucker called Tom, “the greatest process thinker in the world”.

Tom was born in 1925 in New Jersey, and was raised in New Hampshire. He married Ginny at the age of 18, and together they had four children and adopted three. Three of their children died tragically and prematurely, and Ginny passed away from Cancer in the late 1990s. Today, Tom lives in Fort Collins, CO. He remains focused on passing on his processes to those gifted and passionate about helping individuals and organizations discover and live their unique purposes in an ever-changing world.

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