133: Todd Elliott on Invisible Work

Todd Elliott, Founder of FILO (First In, Last Out) works with Technical Creatives around the country, helping them do their work with greater impact. In this conversation, we learn about what it looks like to guide creative teams forward; how to surface the very best ideas (that at first can appear to be hidden); and how to execute with excellence.

Todd speaks about how this kind of work is often both invisible and transparent. Invisible, in that you are doing work that very few people will ever see, understand, or even care about. Transparent, in that you are a conduit for what’s happening in the room or on the stage.

It’s an invitation to consider the hidden parts of our leadership, purpose, and impact. And to consider how we might focus on supporting other voices, other people, and other talents. Let’s engage the invisible and transparent parts of our own impact.

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