123: Interview With Corey Manicone

Corey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zuul, a technology company powering a brand new model of food delivery. Their innovative approach expands the revenue and reach of restaurateurs, while delivering a unique experience to customers. Whereas so many of the food delivery apps eat away at the (already razor-thin) restaurant margins, Zuul’s model is crafted to put more money in the pockets of the Operators — to help many more people thrive in the business of food.

The journey to get here hasn’t been easy. After Corey had heard his 200th “No” from Venture Capitalists, his wife bought him a framed copy of Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” quote, and encouraged him to press on. Corey kept going, and eventually the eyes of Investors were opened to what Corey already saw — a remarkable opportunity to bring innovation and value throughout the entire food industry.

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