112: The Themes of Your Story

Parker Palmer encouraged us to “let your life speak.” So the question is, as your life speaks, what does your life story have to tell you?
We continue our series on Story this week, looking together at the themes of our story. As you look at your own story, what themes do you see rising to the surface? Perhaps themes of struggle and challenge. Or themes of loss and failure. Themes of success and breakthrough. And what about you, the protagonist — what themes do you learn about yourself in your story? Perhaps you see a theme of leadership. Or a theme of overcoming the odds. Or a theme of perseverance through trials.
Understanding the themes of our story helps each of us to understand what we’re made from, and what we’re made for.
We can so quickly race to the question, “where am I going?” but we can miss the invitation to pause and ask, “where am I from?” We invite you this week to pay attention to your story, and identify the themes therein, that have so much to teach you about your talents, heart, and purpose in the world.
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