110: The Characters In Your Story

Join us this week on the Podcast as we embark on a new series; a series on story. In this first episode in the new series, we’re talking about our own personal stories and the characters we meet along the way; the characters that challenge, support, or breathe life into our purpose and calling. We’re also thinking about the characters that push against us; the characters who come alongside us; and the characters that we ourselves are pursuing.

Just as Anais Nin described years ago, “we do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” We are the protagonist of our own story. We each have a goal inscribed on our soul; a compass pointing us forward. Yet we also experience the antagonist; something or someone inside or outside of ourselves, revealing a tension we must enter and integrate in order to move forward.

In this episode, we explore the different characters in our story, and how understanding those characters (including understanding ourselves) can help us live with greater purpose and impact.

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