094: Living Your LifePlan: Your Thinking Wavelength

In this conversation we are talking about the Thinking Wavelength, something we explored in depth in episodes 55-60. Today we explore what it looks like to stay intentional within the spaces around us. The Thinking Wavelength is a tool invented by Tom Paterson, helping to reveal how we think and engage with the people and activities around us. It impacts every domain of life.

“The gamut runs from concrete thinking to more abstract thinking,” comments Stephen. “We all find ourselves most comfortable within one of those territories. Identifying what space we occupy, as a Grinder, Minder, Keeper, Finder, or Conceiver, helps us to know how to relate in different spaces…However, the approach is to not just identify my Thinking Wavelength number but to estimate my comfort with knowing that number. My number can reveal how I am already thinking, living and operating in the world… but do I approve of it? Why or why not? From there we can begin to explore where that thinking aligns or is at tension with the domains of our life.”

Of course, one of the realities of any assessment or self discovery tool is that it can make us feel like we are boxed in.

“None of us want to be put in a box.. but it’s useful to realize that there’s texture,” adds David. “The way we manage and engage our Thinking Wavelength in an ongoing way is by paying attention to the circumstances and relationships around us, and noticing how we are showing up in these spaces in relation with the way we think.”

For more on managing your Thinking Wavelength, listen in! And if you’d like to explore this tool in depth, feel free to circle back to the Thinking Wavelength Mini Series in episodes 55-60

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