093: Living Your LifePlan: Your Heart

This week we return for part two of the mini-series on Living Your LifePlan, taking time to explore the Heart and the invitations within.

“We often talk about the Heart as mysterious, because life is mysterious and the Heart is constantly just experiencing life,” comments Stephen. “The mind understands things by wanting them to make sense, by bringing order to what might be chaotic… but the Heart, the Heart isn’t trying to make sense of the world. The Heart is asking ‘does this thing really matter in life?’”

“A lot of times we hear the phrase to ‘follow your passion,’ but with the Heart there is this invitation to follow your compassion… to follow the thing that your heart already deeply pulls you into,” adds David.

It’s important to pause and ask questions that help us identify where our Heart feels at ease. Where do you sense you are most allowed to be your true self? What makes your heart come alive? As we dive into these questions, we get to start unpacking the Heart; identifying where we feel confident and secure, and exploring the longings that lie beneath the surface.

They say that ‘the Heart points the way.’ If you’re curious to learn more about the heart or evaluating which direction to go, listen in for more!

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