092: Living Your LifePlan: Your Talents

This week we dive into a new mini-series on living your LifePlan. Pursuing our life purpose is incredibly fulfilling and life-giving, but it can also be really hard and challenging at times. This series is designed to help you live a life of purpose; equipping you with fresh tools, insights, and approaches to help you manage and live out your LifePlan to the fullest.

In this first conversation in the series, Stephen Milburn joins David Mitchell for a conversation about the unique core talents that lie within each of us. Becoming aware of one’s talents is only the first step in the journey; talents are meant to be stewarded and cultivated. But how do we invest in our talents so that they can be used for greater contribution in the world around us?

“A formational way to grow [a talent] is to recognize that the talent you are employing with your family, at work, and in your community, etc… is young; it’s something you are just beginning to understand and sometimes you’ll apply a talent and it might not look like a talent… it might looks messy… it might fail. That’s why it’s important to understand or return to a beginner’s mind,” comments Stephen.

“There’s a beautiful joy and freedom that comes from discovering our own unique talents… but the invitation is greater than that; we get to turn our eyes to the rest of the world, and to our loved ones, and realize that there is talent everywhere… Just like in a treasure hunt, all around us there is talent waiting to be uncovered,” David tell us.

For more on how to identify, cultivate, and discover talent in yourself and others, listen in!

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