091: Science, Faith, & Wonder, with Oxford Professor Andrew Briggs

Today we are joined by Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nano-materials at the University of Oxford. That means he’s an expert in some pretty remarkable fields, such as understanding quantum technologies. In this conversation, we explore Andrew’s own story and some of the awe-inspiring discoveries he has worked on. We talk about how his Christian faith informs his work as a scientist and, vice versa, how his work as a scientist informs his faith. We also dive into Andrew’s recent experience with the Paterson LifePlan process and how it helped him gain clarity on his unique purpose.

Andrew comments, “If there is something I don’t understand, there’s an almost physical pain that drives me on until I do understand it. It’s an integral part of curiosity for me. And I think that’s the true source of awe and wonder.”

On the purpose of science and how science connects back to human flourishing and well-being, Andrew shares, “The more we want to contribute to the flourishing of others, the more inseparable it is from the material world in which we live. The tool, the God-given resource for engaging with the material world, we call that science. And out of science we are able to develop the technologies that put human care into practice.”

For more of Andrew’s story, thoughts on awe, wonder and scientific discovery, listen in

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