090: Wealth, Stewardship & Identity: A Conversation with Andrew Doust

Today we are exploring identity, contribution, and purpose with Andrew Doust, who dedicates his talents to helping families flourish. As founder of Plenitude Partners, Andrew advises families globally, helping them to break the cycle which destroys families and their wealth.

With Kore Venture, Andrew is leading the development of programs that enrich and prepare families to steward wealth well. Kore Venture takes inheritors of wealth on a journey of identity, purpose, and impact. It’s inspirational and transformative work. Currently, Andrew lives in Dubai with his wife and three children and we are honored to share his story and insights with you today.

“When it comes to the question of stewardship, many of us start at the wrong place,” comments Andrew. “Let’s say it’s the stewardship of wealth or a business. Often times preserving this becomes our goal; we feel somehow that actually the passing on of wealth, a legacy, family foundation, or whatever is what matters. We feel we must make sure it’s kept safe and continues and that becomes our goal. But why does that matter? Because, I believe, the bigger question to ask is what’s the purpose of what you have? In Kore Venture we ask three questions that really get to the heart of stewardship: ‘Who are you and who do you want to become?,’ ‘What do you want to contribute in the world? And last, the question that many people start with, ‘What do I do with what I have?’”

On identity and relationships Andrew shared, “The truth is, the foundation of flourishing is not wealth; it’s clear identity and relationships. Identity is not formed in isolation, it’s formed in relationship; we find out who we are and who we want to become in relationship. My goal is to help people, whatever stage of life they are in, flourish and thrive in their relationships. If we can do that,  and do it really well, whatever money they have in their hands will be much more useful to the world, making a greater positive impact in the world.”

For more of Andrew’s story, listen in!

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