087: StratOp in Action with Jackie White and Todd Bolt

On today’s episode we are joined by Pastor Jackie White, the Founding & Senior Pastor of Church on the Rock, a multi campus church based in Lubbock, Texas. We’re also joined by Pastor Todd Bolt, Executive Senior Pastor at Victory Worship Center, a multi campus church based in Tuscon, Arizona. Todd is also a LifePlan and StratOp Guide with us here at Paterson.

In today’s conversation, we explore StratOp in action: what it’s been like for Church on the Rock to be guided through the StratOp Process; how they’ve “made truth visible”; and their experience moving forward towards a vision with both strategy and execution. Whether we work in business, a church, or non-profit, this conversation contains lessons and wisdom for all of us.

“The same [principle] is true for the vision of a church or a business… the vision has to grow. When the vision stops growing, you need to ask yourself what’s going on? Why have I not allowed the vision to grow? Sometimes we are resistant to change and we want everything to stay the same but that’s not healthy,” comments Jackie.

On conflict and tension on a team, Jackie told us, “There’s always going to be tensions and struggles, but it can be so healthy if you go into that struggle realizing you don’t have to feel insecure just because you disagree with me… we’re going to work through this and we are going to love each other at the end of it.”

Todd adds, “Conflict, if done well, if done in a place of safety, produces a higher level of thinking and execution. Conflict solidifies culture and team; like Jackie’s team did, a team has to struggle and lean in to the tension. It’s always going to be there but let’s learn how to struggle and have the tension together as opposed to individually. When you can get a team to learn how to do that and to wrestle with the struggles and tensions of vision  together, that’s catalytic.”

Tune in to hear more insights and thoughts on vision, culture, and handling tension and conflict in healthy ways.

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