085: Parking & Delight: A Conversation with Joel Christensen, Founder & CEO of Parkwell

Today we are joined by Joel Christensen, the Founder & CEO of Parkwell, a management company focused on delivering best in class parking and mobility services. The team at Parkwell uses the StratOp process, working their plan to position themselves well for the coming months and years ahead.

In today’s conversation we explore Joel’s passion for people and community, the future of cities and mobility, and we talk about how the team at Parkwell lives out their values and mission in real and beautiful ways.

“As cities become denser we don’t have the infrastructure to support the mobility of the population. Mobility is becoming more and more of a challenge. We all know what it’s like to be in gridlock traffic,” comments Joel.

But how do you stand out in an industry like parking?

“In my industry, you have a service that, at its best, should be a non-issue. It should be a forgetful thing in your day. You don’t want to remember your parking experience. Usually if you remember it, it’s due to a bad association. So… how do we get the job done but also create delight in the process? How do we implement technology but make it creative and fun? How to we go above and beyond to defy the standards in our industry and what people expect? …Wherever we can, we try to inject a little human touch, something that will bring a little smile or laughter.”

Listen in to hear more on just how a healthy organizational culture is really at the heart of everything the Parkwell team does. “Culture and empowering people is a matter of planting seeds, it’s something that has to have its own organic life aside from any one leader,” Joel tells us. Tune in to hear more!

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