083: Steve Schlafman, Coach and Investor, on Purpose, Sobriety, and the New England Patriots

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Steve Schlafman. Steve is a coach, investor, and advisor to startups and entrepreneurial leaders. Prior to his work as a coach, Steve had stints at Microsoft and the New England Patriots.

In today’s conversation we explore not only Steve’s career journey, but also his journey of sobriety and the practices he uses to maintain strength and health spiritually, mentally, and physically. You’ll hear his compassion and tenacity, and how he landed a job at the Patriots.

“For me, once I decided to get sober, it was really embracing my wholeness as a human being and embracing that there are parts of me that aren’t perfect,” reflects Steve. “There were parts of me I needed to accept that they just are… and if I reject those parts of me then I’m rejecting myself.”

“I got to a point where, rather than not daring to show a chink in my armor, I began to ask ‘How can I embrace this and view it as as something that’s a part of who I am?’  Instead of hiding my history of substance abuse, I’m gonna own it and let that give me more strength so that I can step into this evolved version of myself that takes the lessons I’ve learned over life and show up with more power.”

For more on Steve’s story, journey to wholistic health, and his insights on meditation and self care, listen in!

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