082: Polina Marinova, Journalist and Entrepreneur: On Stories That Inspire Us

Today we are delighted to share a conversation with Polina Marinova.

Polina is the founder and author at the Profile, a subscription-based newsletter featuring the best long form profiles on the internet. At the Profile you can learn from the world’s most successful people and companies. Polina began her career as a journalist, working with USA Today and CNN, before spending just over 5 years at Fortune Magazine.

Polina, who is based in New York City, left Fortune to go out on her own in spring of 2020, just as NYC was going into lock down due to COVID-19.  “I recently read a quote that says, things aren’t scary but people get scared,” comments Polina. “Everything in life seems terrifying at first, but once you start getting better at it, things get less scary. The funny thing is, that the object that felt scary didn’t change; its properties remain the same… you are the one who changed.”

“The more people I read about and meet, the more I understand that every single human has a story… the important thing is to be curious and ask others about their stories… As a person you want to leave an aftertaste, not just be perfect,” comments Polina.

For more insights on cultivating curiosity, empathy, and how to hone the craft of writing, listen in!


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