081: Tim Dixon, More in Common

Tim Dixon is the Co-Founder of More in Common. Tim is a social entrepreneur who has started businesses and non-profits in the US, UK, and Australia. He trained as an economist and worked as a lawyer in the tech sector. From 2004-2010 Tim worked in senior political rolls, including as economic advisor and chief speech writer for two Prime Ministers. He has lived and worked between New York and London for the past decade, co-founding social change agency Purpose Europe in 2013 and helping to start social movement organizations around the issues of modern day slavery, the Syrian crisis, the Colombian peace process, economic inequality, gun control, and civic participation.

This conversation feels particularly relevant to all that we are currently facing in the United States. From the pandemic, to the elections, to the protests, it can feel as if the levels of division surrounding us could not be higher. That’s why we are thrilled to share Tim’s perspective and experience with you today.

As Tim explains, “The ability to empathize has broken down, partly because we encounter fewer people who are different from ourselves. We need to find ways to get better exposure in our own daily lives, getting out of our bubble … otherwise every time we encounter someone who holds a different perspective than us we feel like they are a complete threat to our way of life, when in reality that’s not true and there is so much more common ground than you imagined.”

“When you look at the different segments of society in detail, when you do the research, you find that there’s good in all of them. That’s why we are trying to capture an understanding of where people are coming from. We can’t make the assumption that people are malicious or bad in their intent. We should assume that people are coming from the best place they can most of the time. We can understand so much more of the issues that tear us a part when we start with a better understanding of who people are.”

Tim’s insights are so good and filled with truth, and so relevant to our current context. We hope you enjoy the show and share it with others you care about.


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