078: Racial Trauma & the Power of Truth Telling – a conversation with Wendell Moss

Today we are honored to be joined by Wendell Moss for a conversation around racial trauma, truth telling, and the journey towards real reconciliation. As the streets around the US and beyond have erupted with grief, pain, protests and calls for change, we’ve all had to confront afresh systemic racism and its impact. We are all looking for voices of truth to help us navigate forward.

Wendell is a therapist, speaker, and teacher, serving as part of the instructional staff at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and also as a core member of the Executive Leadership Team at the Allender Center. Wendell is fiercely committed to engaging the impact of abuse and trauma, including racial trauma.

Racial trauma, like sexual trauma, is trauma against the body. This, paired with the fact that denial is often a mark of trauma, reminds us that we must continue to tell the truth. “To tell the truth is to know how to move forward,” comments Wendell. Unfortunately, the truth is often times uncomfortable; it can be tempting to avoid or ignore it. But if want to experience freedom, individually and as a society, we must lean into truth.

“When I hear the word unity I ask ‘What does that mean? Unity in the name of truth?’ ” remarks Wendell.  “Unity in the name of truth feels like true unity because it means that we can actually trek together down this bloody and treacherous road; actually pursuing healing. A lot of times ‘unity’ is anemic, koom-bye-ya, ‘can we just come together and love one another’ unity. This type of unity fails to recognize where there is a failure of love in so many areas systematically. I’m not against unity. I want unity more than ever, but I’ll never encourage false unity in the name of denial.”

To hear more of Wendell’s thoughts, wisdom, and rich insights, listen in. If you enjoy or benefit from this conversation, please consider sharing with one person you care about. 

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