076: The Impact of the LifePlan Process: A conversation with Justin Morgan

Today we are excited and grateful to be exploring the LifePlan process with Justin Morgan. Justin went through the LifePlan process last year and made some significant shifts out of that to really pursue his unique creative purpose. In today’s episode we have the privilege of walking with Justin through that journey.

As he explains, “I had worked in the non-profit and faith-based world for ten years but I had this piece that kept asking ‘What could it be like to be an entrepreneur?’ I entered the LifePlan process with curiosity and fear, wondering what it be like to trust that it was going to work out, even without a paycheck coming in every month. But I was so scared because I had two kids and a wife and a house payment. The LifePlan process helped me navigate that, and even more, it reminded me that I am not alone. Like C.S. Lewis said ‘The greatest moment in the world is when you look across the table at someone else. You see them and say: What? You too? I thought I was the only one.’ The gift of the LifePlan process is knowing that we are not alone.”

To hear more of Justin’s story, choosing courage over fear, and how he made some big shifts to live out his unique purpose, listen in!

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