075: Jason Lippert, Leading a Team of 10,000 and Transforming Your Culture

On today’s episode we are grateful to be joined by Jason Lippert. Jason is the CEO of Lippert Components Incorporated, a $2.5B public company with over 10,000 employees across the US, Canada, the UK and Italy. Based in South Bend, Indiana, LCI specializes in complex component solutions for customers in the RV industry. LCI is known for their deep commitment to community service, people development, and building a remarkable and world class organizational culture.

But the culture at LCI wasn’t always as healthy as it is today. “I asked everyone to make commitments… the people in the company needed to be able to see their leaders act out of our values. A big piece, one we were missing for many years, was just listening to our people. You can’t listen unless you take time.. and not time to talk, but time to really listen,” comments Jason.

“Listening has profoundly changed our business. Because we are listening, people have decided to stay longer. When people stay longer, quality, efficient, safety, people’s health have all improved; it always gets better,” Jason adds. “You can’t make a culture work unless you do great things for the people and a lot of times that needs to come from the people. You need to hear what it is they’d like to see changed, what it is they’d like to see improved, and you can’t do that without listening. And then the next piece after you listen is you have to act. There’s got to be listening, there’s got to be action, and it’s got to be timely.”

For more insights on how Jason and his leadership team practiced listening and took on the challenge of changing their company culture, listen in.

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