074: Soil Capital’s Andrew Voysey: Finance, Farming, and the vision of Regenerative Agriculture

On today’s episode we are joined by Andrew Voysey. Andrew leads Strategy and Business Development at Soil Capital. Based in Europe, Soil Capital works with food and agricultural businesses, financial institutions, and governments to help them enjoy the benefits of transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

“Soil is the most essential asset of the world’s food supply chain,” states Andrew. “Unfortunately, modern industrial farming has become a largely unprofitable, thankless task… Over the last 70-80 years, since the end of the Second World War, the system of agriculture that has been built has been fundamentally degenerative in terms of its impacts on the soil — the soil that all farmers depend upon to build their business.”

“It’s better for business — and the business of farming — to do better for the environment,” Andrew continues. “We want to forever put to bed the idea that there is some sort of trade off between doing better financially and doing better for your soil.”

Andrew doesn’t come from a farming background; he actually started out his career in sustainable finance. “Not many people would think there are transferrable lessons from finance to farming. But there are. In agriculture, we have the yield maximization goal and it drives an entire set of behaviors and investments. And the same is true in finance – the dominant goal has always been profit maximization. So the first lesson is: goals matter. And if you can change them, you can have a very big impact.”

For lessons from finance to farming, and to hear the story of how Andrew made such a big career shift, listen in today.

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