073: LifePlan Launch: Igniting Your Team’s Contribution

“What is the call of this moment?”

Over the last couple of months, we have been speaking with leaders of movements who have a heart for remarkable transformation in the world. These conversations have come at a time none of us could predict. In this time of disruption there is a call to action. For the team at Paterson, we faced the need to shift our approach, to come alongside individuals and organizations in creative ways.

Today we are excited to share with you the release of LifePlan Launch. This self-paced online process invites people to self-discover their unique contribution and gain clarity on their vision to create a strategic plan to move forward into each of the life domains: personal, family, vocation and community. It is designed for both the individual and for groups, encouraging participants to engage their community as they embark on the journey.

We are inspired by the work that is taking place across the globe to create lasting change. We see LifePlan Launch as a resource to help many more people come alive to their talents and heart to thoughtfully contribute to their families, their causes, their congregations, their workplace… their arenas of impact. 

Visit lifeplanlaunch.com to learn how you and your team can start today.

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Get the FREE Thinking Wavelength Tool.

This core Paterson Process tool is used in both LifePlan and StratOp. Experience the power of the tool for yourself by trying this version from our LifePlan Launch offering.