072: Karen Dillon: Do you Have a Strategy for Your Life?

Today we are honored to have a conversation with Karen Dillon. Karen is the former editor of the Harvard Business Review magazine and she’s the co-author of three books with Clayton Christensen, including the Prosperity Paradox, Competing Against Luck and How Will You Measure Your Life?

“How is strategy formed? And why is it that so many companies don’t succeed at whatever they say are their goals?” asks Karen.

“It comes down to a very simple disconnect.” states Karen. “Strategy is formed not by whatever you say your goals are, in the budget you set for yourself, or in the ambitions the company has from the top floor on down. It’s formed in the every day decisions of every one of your employees — what they choose to spend their energy, time and the company resources on, what they prioritize over other things. So no matter what the company thinks the strategy is, the strategy is formed by all of those hundreds of every day choices made by people in the trenches. And that’s exactly what happens in our lives too — our own personal strategy is not what we say it is, it is formed in our own every day, dozens and dozens of choices about how we spend our own energy and time and resources.”

For more of Karen’s insight and some great stories from her own journey, listen in!

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