070: Jessica Honegger, Noonday Collection Founder & Co-CEO, on Imperfect Courage

“I had to redefine courage. I had always equated courage with fearlessness. I thought: ‘Well, if you are really a courageous person, you don’t experience fear.’ I thought of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and I created a story about these people – that they were these perfect heroes. When I realized that I could still live into purpose, meaning and impact — that I could be afraid and just go anyway — that’s when I really began to experience purpose.” – Jessica Honegger

Today, in a moment where fear feels so rampant and courage is so needed, we have an inspiring conversation the courageous Jessica Honegger. Jessica is the entrepreneur and creative force behind Noonday Collection, a jewelry and accessories company partnering with artisans in vulnerable communities around the world. Jessica is also the author of the book Imperfect Courage, and she’s the host of the Going Scared Podcast.

“As leaders, when we are able to strike that delicate balance of confidence and vulnerability, of courage and authenticity, that’s a really attractive thing to people… it gives people permission to breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘Gosh, you mean I get to be myself?’”

In reflecting on the voice of fear, Jessica adds, “If I would have let fear be my reason to not move forward, Noonday would not exist. There’s this idea that we have to let fear have a seat at the table but not let it be the boss…. We’re not meant to live within our comfort zones. I think we can all say that. It’s about finding that edge where I can get out of my comfort zone, find my purpose and let there be just enough fear that it can sit alongside me, keep me moving and not keep me paralyzed.”

For more, click the link below to listen. We are so inspired by Jessica and are sure you will be too.

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