069: Mark Suster, Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur, on Risk, Opportunity, and Leadership

Today we have the honor of being joined by Mark Suster.

Mark is the Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures, the largest venture capital firm in LA. Before stepping into the world of VC, Mark started and sold 2 companies (selling the last company to Salesforce, where he became VP, Products). Mark is also a prominent blogger – you can check out his thoughts at bothsidesofthetable.com. In today’s episode we explore Mark’s own journey and career, some of his big venture bets, and some leadership lessons from his beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

In this conversation, Mark talks about his approach to investments, sharing the four key factors he looks for. He also talks about the importance of Mentors: “If you give people access to Mentors, you can change people’s lives forever.” Mark is a great storyteller and has some crazy stories to share, with wisdom packed in — so join us for this fun and engaging conversation and if it brings you value, please consider passing it on.

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