067: Lead Anyway: Jennie Allen, Founder of IF: Gathering

In today’s conversation we are joined by Jennie Allen. Jennie is the Founder and Visionary of IF: Gathering, a million strong movement of women around the world. Jennie is also a best selling author of a number of books including Nothing to ProveRestless, and her latest best seller, Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts.

While Jennie may be an internationally known speaker and author, Jennie is the first to admit her weaknesses. “I’m not the best person for the job. I’m not uniquely suited for everything I’m doing. I’m not worth following as an individual. The most freeing thing for me has not been realizing how awesome I am but realizing how not awesome I am, and living into that. The power of the strongest leaders I know is that it’s from a place of weakness. I don’t need to be awesome to lead, I need to be obedient and kind and have character…The irony of my leadership is that the very things I thought disqualified me have become the qualifiers. It’s about not being afraid of that weakness. Lead anyway. That’s a more powerful narrative.”

Jennie’s insights and wisdom on leadership, purpose, and on our thought-lives are inspiring, fun, and practical. We hope you enjoy this conversation and, if you do, please consider sharing it with someone you love.

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