066: Dan Allender: The Beauty and Brokenness of our Story

Hey Friends, David here today (President at Paterson and host of the Paterson Podcast).

One of the beautiful gifts of getting to host this podcast is the opportunity to invite incredible people to join us for conversations; including those men and women who have greatly influenced my own life. It’s a delight to share the wisdom and work of these individuals with you. Today’s guest, Dan Allender, is no exception. This man’s work has profoundly impacted my life in remarkable ways and I am so grateful and honored to share this conversation with you today.

Dan Allender, Ph.D, is an author, speaker, professor and therapist, focused on the topics of sexual abuse and trauma recovery, as well as story, marriage and family. In many ways Dan is a pioneer, helping us to understand both the beauty and the brokenness of our own stories. “We must begin to see where our brokenness and beauty combine, creating the necessity for one another — the necessity for grace and goodness,” says Dan.

“The reality is we live in a fallen world that’s full of trauma, loss, injury and insult… we live in a world where we expect — almost demand — that things be as they should be, but they are not (as they should be) and that reality always brings some level of trauma to our lives,” comments Dan.

Dan’s thoughts on how shame, contempt, kindness, beauty and brokenness are as rich with wisdom as they are full of invitation. We hope you enjoy today’s conversation. If you find that it benefits you, please consider sharing with someone you love.

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