063: Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld, MiracleFeet Co-Founder: Treating Clubfoot & Transforming Lives

“Problems are there to be solved, not to be lived with.”

If we could sum up Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld’s approach to life in one phrase, that might be a good one to use.

“I believe it is very possible for a single person, or a team of people, to actually solve a big problem,” says Chesca.

Chesca is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MiracleFeet, an organization dedicated to treating the disability of clubfoot in low and middle income countries. “I view this as a moral obligation. There’s no reason we can’t tackle this.”

With a background in tech and corporate, Chesca leads a fierce team, focusing on partnership and unleashing greater impact through catalytic leverage with the likes of Google and Stanford. “Companies are filled with people who want to make a difference. Everyone wants to help. So if you can give people that opportunity in the right way, people are usually thrilled and grateful that someone has given them a chance to help make a difference.”

Today we get to hear some of Chesca’s compelling personal journey, her thoughts on leadership in the business and non-profit spaces, as well as some very moving stories of transformation and impact. Listen in for more!

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