062: Jerry Colonna, CEO Whisperer: Living as a Mountain in the midst of a Hurricane

“We are living in a time where the visceral nature of impermanence is inescapable.”

Today we have the remarkable privilege of connecting with Jerry Colonna— the man NPR called the CEO Whisperer. Jerry is the CEO of Reboot.io, an executive coaching and leadership development firm whose coaches and facilitators are committed to the notion that better humans make better leaders.

“It is not failure that annihilates us…its when we attach a sense of self and worthiness to the accomplishment of the goal, and fail to achieve the goal that we are annihilated,” says Jerry (paraphrasing the words of William James). From processing loss and failure to considering the challenges leaders are facing during the COIVD-19 crisis, Jerry is a deep well of rich insight and invitation.

Jerry reflects, “A crucible was the container that alchemists used to turn lead into gold… As leaders, we are in a crucible moment; we are burning off the dross, transforming the B.S. that has passed for leadership. And if we maintain the heat and handle the crucible just right, the result will be a profoundly different leadership in which our priorities will be properly organized. Maybe — finally — as a society and as a group of organizations we will actually put people ahead of profit; and not in a surface-level way, but really we’ll organize society as the place in which we all, together, get to grow.”

Today’s conversation is truly a gift. We invite you to join us and share with friends and loved ones.

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