059: Thinking Wavelength, Part 5: Finders- how they think contribute, lead and serve

We’re excited to continue the conversation around the Thinking Wavelength.  If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to jump back to episode 55, the start of this mini-series.

Today we dive in to what it means to be a Finder on the Thinking Wavelength.  Finders are more comfortable with risk, change and the variables in life.  “Central to Finders are the spirit of entrepreneurialism.  They love taking on new opportunities and projects,” comments Stephen.

Finders love to bring thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc.. into reality.  While they enjoy ideation, when it comes to implementation, they often need to hand off their concept or project to someone else.  Listen in to find hear more about what it’s like to work alongside, lead or be lead by a Finder.

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